The Handsomest Man in all of Greece

I Know, I know, It’s Been 84 Years, etc… Note: I wrote this one well before the holidays and am just now getting to posting, for the record! We’re out to help Kleon today now that they Symposium is over! Let’s see what kind of job he has to offer. Probably not the drunken orgies Read More


Let’s Get A Party Started! Sure, I’ll go to Athens, but I’m going to take the round about way doing it, so I can clear some more areas! A quiet shipwreck, bandit camp, cool. Nothing exciting or too challenging. Hah! I do come upon a fishing village, which I think is going to be a Read More

Oh, Deers

Everybody Wants to Rule the World Well, here we are at the temple with the Kingfisher and his dagger thugs. Agapios realizes his bro is around the bend when he starts going on about world domination and how his bro is weak. Agapios thinks some people just want to live in the world and not Read More


About: Dak reads Les Misérables and recaps it here, so that she may better retain the information.  Things not to expect: deep literary analysis.  Things to expect: Spoilers.  All the spoilers. Pennies From Heaven Today we arrive at Cosette and Valjean’s place, post Jondrette caper where Cosette and Valjean are suffering a collective loss of Read More

Daggers for Daggers

and More Bears First a little catch-up on what I’ve been up to as Alexios the mercenary. First, we set sail from the island of Achillies after having attempted a conquest battle and failed it about a bajillion (the official number) times. I fight for Sparta; I die. I fight for Athens; I die. Also, Read More

I Fought the Bears, and the Bears Won

So Many Bears So, here we are, post night at the Doctor’s abode.  I feel like clearing some more ??? instead of doing any relevant questing, so I head for the nearest one.  All is fine and dandy until I reach the ? and find–a Bear cave.  Full of bears.  Also, a soldier is chasing Read More


Catching Up With Assassin’s Creed Well, I’ve never done a write up of my gaming nonsense, but I might as well start somewhere.  Got to get those writer fingers a-writing again.  As always, Spoilers abound. We start off in modern times, the two — archaeologist? women whose names I don’t remember are stepping into the Read More

Dak Watches: Rise: S01E08

EPISODE 08: The Petition Tears of a Coach      Today, Coach Sam starts some fights–with his tears, but first!  Mr. M has some good news!  that comes crashing down a few seconds later.  Ticket sales have spiked!  Has this small town finally realized how deep and meaningful and relevant theatre is?   Oh, no.  Read More

Dak Watches: Rise: S01E07

Episode 7 (for real): This Will God Willing Get Better  I feel like this title is missing some commas   PS: In case this is something I need to say for something that’s been kicking around in some form since the 19th century: Spoilers for Spring Awakening ahead, FYI  We start off with Mr. M Read More

Dak Watches: Rise: S01E???

RISE: Episode 5 Something; Bring me Stanton I’m starting in the middle, or Whose turn is it for Mr. M to undermine this week? The shop teacher. It’s the shop teacher. Let’s start with Mr. M’s storyline. He, with the help of Maashous, his not really his foster kid foster kid. (Mr. M gets all Read More