Alexios vs. the Volcano

It is that time again. Time to do battle over in Hephaistos’s molten island. To what end? I don’t know, because this old lady asked us to I guess. Let us put and end to this quest and see what’s up. Unfortunately, there are no fast travel points anywhere near this island, so off to Barny we go, me and Lions McGee who is still following me around town.  I feel I should let it be known that Herodotus is still just sitting around the boat, because I went to an Egypt exhibit last week, and it had me wondering where he’d gone off to. I make it to the island, which is indeed an active volcano situation. Lions follows me. I feel like I should free him before I get him killed, but this barren place isn’t where I should do that. Luckily he doesn’t follow me into this huge hole that I have to jump into. Of course, I immediately fall directly into lava and die. Cool beans! (baked beans?) 

There are a bunch of bandits down here that also kill me. Time to try again!

Bandits defeated, and I am apparently in a booby trapped tomb again. I do find a couple chicken eggs though, so there’s that. I also find some pamphlets strewn about telling the tales of the woman, Gorgophone— Surely this means something, since Alexios usually doesn’t read these things aloud like he’s doing here. Most parchments filled with interesting learnin’ info sits dormant in my inventory. Well, I’ve been all through this dungeon and haven’t found the helmet I’m looking for, but I did get a cool trident. I find some walls to climb and I think I’m back on track now. I find an even bigger treasure room with a giant eagle statue in it. Obviously, I was destined for this loot! Let’s peep this mythical helmet.

“This helmet seems common, but it was well hidden” It is Gorgophone’s helmet, so that explains why I got to learn all about her.

I’m telling you, this is all a suspiciously godessly quest. Is my quest giver going to imbue this thing with awesome goddess powers? I hope so. In any case, Lions McGee is waiting for me to come out of the volcano. What a good boy! I return to Korinth and run to the nearest woody hilltop and let Lions free! 

Time to visit the mysterious lady now and hope that there isn’t another leg to this quest.

Okay, well this is the end of the quest, but not before she makes me take a stab at guessing who she is. All this shady trickery is not alleviating my impression that she’s an actual goddess, so Obviously, I guess that she’s definitely Athena for reals and not some sneaky pretender.  I get to keep Gorgophone’s helmet, which is at the very least better than the one I’m currently wearing. I also get an owl feather for my troubles. Which is a quest item—is this sidequest part of a bigger sidequest now??? I don’t know, but what I do know is that I am heading directly to where Alkibiades told me now. Do not pass go. Do not collect $200. 

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