Thrawn: Treason

Thrawn: Treason
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Published: 07/28/19
Thrawn is sent on a fools errand to eradicate some space plecostomus, y'know, like a Mynock but larger.   There is basically a power struggle to see who gets the Imperial funding for their pet projects.  (There are just too many Imperial officers jockeying for power to keep track of.)   Thrawn just wants his special Tie fighters, some would agree with him, and others want in on Krennic's Death Star, others think Death Stars are stupid…
5+ Things
The Rumor, spurred by Thrawn’s mysteriously missing second banana, that Eli is really a secret mastermind behind Thrawn’s success.
Vah’nya and Eli. Do I ship it? Yes, probably!
I know the first three are about Eli, but I love him, so deal. This one is mainly about his super secret mission that he doesn’t even know about until the end. The one where he’s supposed to help track down other Force sensitive Chiss who will maybe keep their powers beyond childhood like Van’Ya has. I mean, does this have broader implications beyond not having to use child labor for space travel?
The Empire eating itself. We got a governor committing treason because he doesn’t want the good parts to be wasted on doomed death stars, and every other member of command trying to outmaneuver each other trying to sway the Emporer/get on his good side.
General Paelleon turning on a treasonous superior was a moment. Also Faro’s well deserved promotion!
A Disappointment: looking up what happens to Thrawn after only to discover he’s been whisked away by a blasted Space Whales along with Ezra Bridger. (In retrospect, I guess I never watched the final half season of Rebels.) I do not know if I love Space Whales or hate them at this point. They are in everything. Who knew space had such a whale epidemic?(I know, Space has everything.*insert Snake Jazz*)

“…had he always been different, the oddness of his mind leaving his young peers bewildered or resentful?” –P. 74
I see Thrawn’s analytical ways are an enigma even to his own people.
“He commands only the loyalty of my actions, not the loyalty of my heart and mind.” –P. 118
Emprorer, Thrawn is just not that into you.
“What did you call me?”
“I called you a fool,” Thrawn repeated.
–P. 113
Ronin is the worst; I’m always up for people calling him a fool. Repeatedly.
“Don’t worry–I’ll lock the hatch behind me.” –P. 215
Famous last words?
“Vanto, in less than two hours, had uncovered a complete conspiracy.” –P. 127
Of course he did.
“…Stardust is doomed,” Savit said. “It may survive five years, or ten, maybe even fifty. But somewhere during its service live, someone will figure out a way to disable or even destroy it.” –P. 259
When you’re committing treason, but also correct, just ask Many Bothans.
“Learning about each other’s ways and learning how we’re alike despite our differences is a way to enrich our lives” –P. 237
What an un-imperial thing to think, Eli!
“I will see you in hell.” –P. 295 (Ronin)
Just one of those repetitious Star Wars lines courtesy of Han Solo.
“Grand Admiral Thrawn and his officers have proven themselves traitors ot the Empire.” –P. 300 (Savit)
Says the guy that stole Krennic’s Death Star Lasers???
“”This is Captain Gilad Pallaeon…” –P. 303
Peloton to the rescue!
“Enjoy your victory while you can, Grand Admiral Thrawn. I’ll see you in hell.” –P. 303 (Savit)
It’s a hell party! We have Savit, Ronin, Thrawn, Han Solo, that one guy on Hoth who was just concerned about safety in sub-zero temperatures. Fuck that guy, am I right?
“In a single smooth motion, Ronan snatched the cape from around his throat and whipped it across Savit’s face.” -P. 303
Hahahaha! CAPES saving the day with style again!

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