Readathon Update Post!

Exit the Aardvark

:beluga: :roundwhale: :rainbowwhale: I know we’re a few hours in, but I got a late start! My Saturday sleep brain is used to hitting the snooze and throwing my phone across the bed in the wee morning hours, what can I say?

Anyway, once I finally awakened, I let the doggo in for cuddles and finally finished up Enter the Aardvark. Which was fine. I did end up enjoying it more than I thought I would, but there is an awful lot of ‘bury your gays’ in it, and those that didn’t end up at a funeral were just kind of sad and tragic regardless. Apparently it was billed as a comedy of sorts, but maybe my satire detector has been broken after these past few years! I just want everybody to end up happy! or at least not mostly miserable!

After that, I went all the way to Vromans in Pasedena because it is Independent bookstore day, after all. So, somehow, I have now grown my tbr pile during this readathon! I’m a little behind now, but I just started Prime Deceptions, the sequel to Chilling Effect, which was one of the only non-Thrawn related books I read last year. Will Checkov’s Space Cats finally play a part in the plot??? I guess I will find out soon!

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