Get Your Read On!

This weekend is Dewey’s 24hr Readathon which I decided to do for the first time, because, well, for one, I just heard of it this year, and let’s face it–2020 was less than productive on reading front. I need a kick start, and it looks like fun! Will I be able to drag myself out of bed at 5:30 am? We shall see! (I’m not going to sweat it though!) If anybody’s dropping by to visit the old blog, hello!

I know this place isn’t necessarily a book review blog, but I do have a few bookish things going on! The reads section has everything I read from the past couple years, along with a couple ‘reviews’ which are more like just my vague unstructured feelings and a lot of emojis/icons and spoilers.

Also, in the book section of the archives is the Les Miserables ‘recaps’, so check it out if you want to know Who Gui de Books is, How and why Valjean buried himself alive, and where Courfeyrac is (Everywhere!), check it out! Hopefully I will finalllly read another chapter for another entry this week!

I will look forward to posting on Saturday, here and on the socials (I am Manicdak on all of them!) My to read pile is large and ready to go!

to be read list + readathon buddy
See You Soon!

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