The Tinies

Left to right:

1. In retrospect, entering this underwater cavern on this toxic wasteland, probably wasn’t the greatest of ideas.

2. A laughing scorpiosaurus.  Pretty sure that’s not what I named it, since I never noticed it had a scorpion tail until right now.

3 & 4. Forget the megafauna… The tinies are the cutest!

5.  Everything in this system was very pink/purply.

6.  Trapped a sentinel in this building.  I didn’t think they could follow you inside, apparently I am wrong. XD



The Inquisitors! + my fave screenshot. I’m not quite sure when this was, I think when meeting the nug king?

Anyway top to bottom left to right: Default Name Trevelyan, Default name Lavellan, Axel Trevelyan, and I totally forget what I named this guy, I’m just trying to get all the rest of the trophies. XD

The first Lavellan is my canon game, he turned out to somehow have some serious duck-lips + a chipped tooth, I spent most of the game trying to fully capture this look that he somehow makes work. XD