Taste The Rainbow!

Title: Victory of the Daleks
Episode: 03 Season: 05
Summary: They’re Baaaa–aaaack!
So, let’s not pretend this week’s big bad is some kind of mysterious thing of mystery like the last one. Y’know, since it was in the ‘next week’ preview, and also the title of this episode. I think we can be pretty ready for some Extermination to go down.

Well, we’re opening up in the command room during some kind of battle. This particular operator is the focus. She says “If Wishes Were Kisses” to nobody in particular…perhaps somebody over the headset. I’m not sure. I looked this up by the way, because…is that a regular phrase that is used while coordinating plans in the middle of a blitz?

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Brand New Stuff

A Doctor Who Recap/Picspam
Episode: 01 Season: 05
Title: The Eleventh Hour
Summary: You can bring a Pond to the ducks, but you can’t make them exist.

Well, hello, Earth! Fancy meeting you in a season premier of Doctor Who. I wonder where the TARDIS is going to be landing this time? Hmmmmmm….It’s a mystery!

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001 Torchwood. Oh. Dear.

Season One : Episode One
Everything Changes (slightly revised edition)
Back by Popular Demand. It has been requested that I go back and make captions for all of season one, so here I am. With two seasons worth of Spin. I’m not even going to pretend that this recap covers only my first viewing of this episode ever. So Big fat Giant Organic Spoilers all the way up to 2 x 12. (But Not Children of Earth. I wrote these before that, and I haven’t even watched the whole thing yet. So…lets just pretend it doesn’t exist right now…or ever.)
Heed this warning, and no bitching. Like anybody reads this shiz anyway.

This being Torchwood, we waste no time in getting to the horror and open with a dead body in the rain.

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